Guild structure, rules and ranks

The Concept

The Seven Serpents is a project based guild, where we seek to create content for each other. We enjoy challenging each other, and share our visions with each other. The world of Azeroth is vast and filled with opportunities - by helping each other, we catch those opportunities, and have a blast while doing it. Any member can initiate an event or a project for other members to support and participate in.

To ensure a diverse playerbase, The Seven Serpents supports an open-minded approach to building a community. We seek to provide a haven, where you can just log in, and share a few hours in the company of friends. We are not PvE, PvP, RP or Social specific. Any type of content is an option for our members. We do not exclude any players based upon their background. We want everyone to feel comfortable about logging into the game, and talking about their everyday life, with no fear of prejudice. We only ask that you respect and support your fellow guild buddies!




We are always looking for new members to help us create the best gaming community in the EU. To get started, make sure you've read and understood the guild rules and rank structure on this page, then dive in and submit an application here on our forums. We look forward to sharing our projects and events with you, and seeing what you can come up with!


To make sure everyone has a good time and feels safe within our community, we have a few rules to guide us. Some of these are quite serious, so please make sure you understand them before applying to join us.

Team Spirit

Discrimination of any sort will have immediate consequences - this includes age, gender, sexuality, nationality, and race. We know sometimes things aren't intended, so open communication about these issues and empathy with those affected by them is very important.

You should consider your guild buddies as your family in the game. Help out in any way possible, and don't hesitate to ask if you need help!

We overcome obstacles together. Ridiculing or scorning of guild buddies is a serious offense.

Signing up for events means we expect you to show up - not doing so is a big insult to your guild buddies! But we know unexpected things happen - do you best to communicate to us if something comes up.

If you are expecting to be absent from the game for longer than a week, it would be considerate for you to let us know. Your Guild Master is a terrible worrier if people disappear, so please let us know if you are not going to play for a while.

Absences in excess of 6 months with no contact from a player will result in removal from the guild. If you have kept in touch, either through the forum or the Facebook, we will be more lenient, but not excessively so.


Guild rules apply not only in guild chat - treat every player, regardless of guild, with respect.

Use the resources of the guild any way you like, but remember to give a little back.

Understand that not every player thinks like you do.

Go to the root cause if you experience problems with a player or situation. If that doesn't help, involve guild management.


You should play the game the way you like it, as long as that doesn't involve harming others.

Planning events and projects is highly encouraged - however, participants in these events and projects are also hugely valuable!

Keep the guild chat friendly and positive, and refrain from bringing up topics that are bound to cause unrest.

Elitist behaviour does not belong in this guild. Let's help us all become better players instead of putting anyone down!



Rank Structure

Our guild relies on all our members taking responsibility for their play time, and we encourage everyone to make fun events and projects for the guild to enjoy. However, some guild members have chosen to take on more responsibilities, and have ranks accompanying those responsibilities.


Players wishing to join the Seven Serpents must fill in an application form on the forums. The guild leadership must approve this application before the player can join the guild as an initiate. Usually during this time the leadership will ask the applications questions to get a deeper feel for their expectations of the guild, and what the guild can expect from that player.

Once the application has been approved, the player will be invited to join the guild as an Initiate.


Initiate is the first rank newly invited players receive. With this rank, the player must work on becoming a full member of the guild. This can be accomplished by collecting votes from the Serpents and The Seven. During the first two months of their membership, the Initiate must obtain a minimum of three votes from Serpents and Officers and a total of 5 votes from Serpents, Officers and Members to become a full-fledged Member of the guild. If the initiate does not accomplish this, their membership of the guild will be re-evaluated.


Members are the core rank of the guild. While encouraged to create and run events and projects, it is not required of Members. However, they are expected to regularly participate in events and projects run by other guildies. Members also have the power to vote for new Initiates - as every guild member should have a say in who they feel gets on well in the guild.

To become a Member, an Initiate must obtain a minimum of three votes from Serpents and Officers and a total of 5 votes from Serpents, Officers and Members.


Serpents form a circle of guildies that have invested considerable time and effort into the guild. Serpents are expected to participate in, and/or run a broad array of events and projects. Serpents will demonstrate the core behaviours as set out in the guild rules at all times. To become a Serpent, a Member must prove their investment to the guild. The Serpent rank is not offered lightly, and it is not often that an opening comes up. Should the Guild Master decide that there is a possibility for more Serpents, The Seven will discuss possible candidates and vote on who will be offered the rank. Having a Serpent rank means being able to access more items from the guild bank, having a higher guild repair amount. Serpents who are absent for more than 3 months with no contact will be demoted back to Member.

The Seven

The Seven represent an Officer post in the guild and are responsible for the management and administration of guild affairs. They assist the Guild Master with running the guild and cover different roles in the management structure. There are two raid leaders, two recruitment officers, one communications officer and one project/event manager.

If any of The Seven is absent, the others will assist to cover the duties until their return. Absence for over 1 month without contact will result in demotion to Guild Member.

The Seven will demonstrate the core behaviours as set out in the guild rules at all times. If any guild member has any ideas or suggestions, please bring them to the attention of the most appropriate officer, they will consider every suggestion put to them.

The Seven will help settle any disputes brought to their attention, and if a resolution cannot be found, will escalate the situation to the Guild Master to deal with.

The Guild Master - Twilytè

The Guild Master is the ultimate authority, but that doesn’t make this guild a dictatorship.

The Guild Master will regularly check with guild members and The Seven (through Guild meetings) to ensure the running of the guild is working for the majority of members.

 Everyone will be allowed to air constructive suggestions: but keep them constructive. The Guild Master will carefully consider all options before making a final decision.

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