Project and events

What are projects and events?


Projects and events provide content for guild members to be a part of. Guild members can create and take part in a whole manner of different things depending on what type of content they are interested in (PvE, PvP, RP etc). Members are expected to regularly participate in events and projects run by other guildies whilst those with the Serpent rank are expected to run events and projects!


Creating an Event or Project


1. Idea

Before anything else, you'll need an idea for your event or project! Keep in mind what events and projects are already planned - you can see them in the guild calendar and in the projects and events forum. Try to find something that doesn't already exist, and that you think people might be interested in. For example, if there is already a raiding project, it probably isn't a good idea to start another one of those - but a mythic dungeon event or project to help people gear up might mesh really well!


2. Event, or Project?

Decide if you want to do an event or a project. An event is a one time activity - you can always turn it into a project later if it was very successful, though! A project is a series of events planned to continue for a set duration- for example, our guild's raid nights are part of the raiding project.


3. Determine Number of Players

It's really important to estimate the minimum and maximum number of players for a project - though some may have no minimum or maximum! You will need to have the minimum number of players express interest in your project before it is approved.


4. Choose a Date and Time

Choose a date and time for your event or project - and for projects, choose how often the project will meet and how long the project will run. Please keep in mind existing events, and as a rule of thumb we do not want to have more than four event/project nights each week. You may also want to consider that most of the guild works during the day on week days, and many may not be available until 8 server time. Many of us also often have social engagements on Fridays and Saturdays - but that isn't everyone, and it's also important that the chosen date works for you, the organiser!

Projects must be re-evaluated after each running period - the maximum is two months.

If there are any issues with the date, the Project Coordinator will bring them up and you'll have a chance to reschedule.


5. Determine Required Resources

Many events or projects may not need resources, but some require a lot, such as the raiding project. One-off events may require resources for prizes or materials. These resources can often be provided by the guild, so feel free to request this in your proposal - making sure events and projects are fun and successful is a perfect use of guild funds!


6. Create Proposal

Once you know what you want to make, it's time to put in a proposal forum post in the project and events forum section. Use either the Event Template or the Project Template to create your proposal. The purpose of the proposal is to check for interest in the project and for the Project Coordinator to make sure the project's purpose, scheduled time, and required resources are all reasonable.


7. Interest Check and Approval

Once the proposal is made, other guild members can post to show interest in the event or ask questions. The Project Coordinator may also ask for clarification or changes if needed. Once the minimum number of players have expressed interest and there are no issues raised by the Project Coordinator, the project will be approved. Be sure to check back often during this time as you may need to revise your proposal, and once approved, you have one more action to take before the project or event can be run!


8. Create In Game Calendar

The last step before you can run the project or event is to create a "Guild Event" on the in game calendar for the event or project. This allows people to sign up and is easy reference as to what days are available for others wanting to create projects or events.


9. Run Event or Project

All that is left is to run the project or event! Not showing up to an event or project you have scheduled is bad form, and could result in future events or projects not being approved. If you do need to cancel, make sure to give people as much advance warning as possible - we all understand things do come up! Have fun at your event!

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