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The Critter Kerfuffle (Pet Battle Tournament)

Phillip - Felldoh - 9 days ago


The Critter Kerfuffle has received enough attention to become an event and we are now waiting for participants to vote for their preferred days to take part. If you're interested in getting involved all you need to participate is three level 25 pets!

Check the forums for more details and to vote in the poll!

Guild meetup - August 2019

Phillip - Felldoh - 24 days ago

If you are interested in coming to the guild meetup in August this year please leave a vote on the forums over here. Votes will be tallied with Discord and Facebook votes.

Transmog trail

Phillip - Felldoh - 72 days ago

Thank you to everyone who attended the Legion transmog trail event tonight, I can confirm that Xander won!

Upcoming events

Phillip - Felldoh - 96 days ago

We have two events that are still awaiting sign ups.

The Gliding Championship has been set up by one of our new initiates Narniis/Zsolt and is a challenge involving Goblin Gliders - with the prize being a PC game! Roy is also hosting the 3rd edition of the Serpent's Sting Tournament and is a round-robin-style, best-of-three, one-on-one dueling tournament where all competitors face off against each other for points, one victory = one point. The winner of the tournament is awarded the honorary guild title of “Venomheart” until the start of the next tournament. 


Check the links for more details:

Gliding Championship

The Serpent’s Sting Tournament III

Mythic Madness

Phillip - Felldoh - 106 days ago

REMINDER: Mythic Madness starts at 9PM server/ 8PM UK tonight! This week's affixes are Fortified, Teeming, and Explosive!

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