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PostPosted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 7:12 am    Post subject:

I've also decided to give Bram a vote. Even though he's not able to attend as many events as he'd like, he still joins in when he can and has stuck with the guild. Happy

PostPosted: Wed Feb 20, 2019 1:58 pm    Post subject:

I like to Give Bram a Vote. Even though we play different hours I love his dedication.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:11 am    Post subject:

Hi Bram! Thanks for letting us know. Real life always comes first, but we appreciate you sticking with us! Keep coming along to whatever events you can and hopefully you'll still be able to find things to participate in. Happy

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 9:29 am    Post subject:

Hey guys, thanks for the votes. As you guys might have noticed I'm not online that much anymore in the evenings.
That has to do with me having a new job with more hours and Im usually in bed around 10 these days >.>

I would still love to join you guys in the mythic/raiding events whenever I can as a social, since I really think you guys are awesome! But I can't commit as much as I expected when I applied.

Von Dare
PostPosted: Thu Feb 07, 2019 5:23 am    Post subject:

I'll drop a vote. You've been great in the raiding project. (^-^ )b

James - Ashenal/ Stover
PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2018 6:50 am    Post subject:

I'm going to give Bram a vote as he is very friendly in guild chat and participates in events whenever he can Happy

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:59 am    Post subject:

Hello again Bram! Thanks for your patience while we reviewed your application. I’m happy to announce that we’ve decided to accept you into our guild! Message myself or another office in-game for an invite.

You may wish to join our Facebook group at the page below, but this is entirely option:

If you have any questions regarding your trial, please feel free to ask. Also, please note that if you need to take time away from the game at any point during your trial it is important that you inform an officer as soon as possible so that this does not adversely affect your trial.

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2018 4:55 am    Post subject:

Hello all,

I have to say, some very good questions. Lets try to get through them all.
1) What do you like to do outside of wow? Have you seen any of our events that you think you'd be interested in?
- What I like to do outside of WoW is mainly spend time with my son. Beside that going out for dinner with my wife, watch series and have geek nights with friends.
-About the events. I like the idea of a Mythic+ evening and the transmog/old raid runs look like fun.

2) You mention you have a young son, how old is he?
- My boy is 1,5. Just starting to learn a few words and he is very busy doing stuff he shouldn't do Happy

3) What is your favourite thing about BFA?
- The dungeons. Especially Freehold and Waycrest. The humor in Freehold and the Style of Waycrest made me come back after a long break.

4) Which expansion was your favourite and why.
- This is a difficult one. When I was still raiding I have to say TBC. The raids and even the 5 man heroics were challenging. But as a casual I liked WotLK, the style was awesome. The dungeons weren't that difficult. I was able to do/see almost everything in that expansion.

5) If you had to try a pick up line on a female orc, what would you use?
- Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? Because you obviously landed on your face.

6) What do you enjoy about DHs that makes it your main.
- When I quit raiding I started to play a lot of different dps classes. When I eventually tried the DH I loved the mobility. That and the aoe stun, interupt, defensive cd's... and did I mention the mobility??

7) What is you most memorable moment during your play time in WoW.
- 2 moments, both back in classic. 1st was when we had MC on farm we started to do crazy pulls. Always testing how much we could handle, but never crazy enough that it would be a guaranteed wipe. Until a hunter friend wispered me: "Bram, hehe, watch this!"
That was the moment Golemagg got pulled from the bridge in MC, including all the trash we ofcourse didn't clear yet in his room. 
The both of us laughed our asses off... the lead didn't think it was that funny.
The 2nd was in Naxxramas. At the first boss of the spider wing you had to kite him around the room at a certain point with aspect of the pact at the tank. The tank, knowing exactly what to do!, didn't kite him around the room, but through the middle. It was ofcourse a wipe and when asking him wtf he was doing in raid chat, the raid only got one reply: "haha". The tank laughed, the raid laughed, the table laughed, we killed the table and moved on.

James - Ashenal/ Stover
PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2018 8:44 am    Post subject:

Hey Bram, thanks for your application.


My questions to you are:

What do you enjoy about DHs that makes it your main?

What is your most memorable moment during your time playing WoW?


Thanks, and best of luck with your application!

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:41 pm    Post subject:

Hi Bram, 

Thank you for your application.

We like to encourage our guild members to ask you questions so we can get to know you better, so please don't be put off!

You mention you have a young son, how old is he? My son is 6, and can sometimes be a real handful! 

What is your favourite thing about Battle for Azeroth?

Which expansion was your favourite overall and why?

If you had to try a pick up line on a female orc, what would you use?

Looking forward to your answers!

Best of luck, Carrie

Von Dare
PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 7:25 am    Post subject:

Welcome to the guild, Bram!

Our Mythic + event is on Wednesdays (tonight!), so it'd be great to see you there!

P.S. The day for Mythics might be changing soon so keep an eye out. (^-^ )b

PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:46 am    Post subject:

Hi Bram! Thanks for applying to our guild. It’s great that our members replying brought you to us, is why we try to do it as much as possible! 

What do you like doing outside of raiding and in WoW? Have you seen any of our events that you think you’d be interested in? Happy 


PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:05 am    Post subject: App: Euphratti

The application submitted by Euphratti is as follows:

Main Character: Name, Class and spec:
Euphratti, DH, Havoc

Armory link:

Real name and age:
Bram, age 33

Location and time zone:
Amsterdam gmt+1

As a guild we pride ourselves on our friendly community. Tell us a bit about you as a person outside of the game?:
Im a father of a young son. Living together with my wife and him in a small town.
To relax I play wow and hang out with friends.

Which sort of projects and events would you be interested in participating in?:
Im mostly a M+ kind of guy. Tried raiding, but never really got into it anymore after wotlk.
So now Im mostly looking for a friendly community in WoW that want to have fun instead of the elitism that I find in a lot of pugs.

What made you apply to join this guild? What is it about us that attracted you and what do you want from us as a guild?:
I saw a post about you guys at the forums. You got a lot of nice replies there. The replies imo meaning more then the main post itself.

How did you hear about us?: forum

If you are interested in our raiding project, what sort of raiding experience do you have?:
LFR difficulty, Normal difficulty

Any extra raiding comments? Have you raided in a previous expansion?:
Played holy paladin in classic/tbc. Played a tankadin in tbc and wotlk raids.
With my guilds we cleared most of the dungeons in these expansions, naxx classic being the exeption (only got to kill one boss there).

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em